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Tox Town - Environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals where you live, work, and play
Keeping Up with Toxicology and Environmental Health News

Sign up for one or both listservs available from the National Library of Medicine.


To sign up, type your e-mail address and specify the “Environmental Health, Poisoning and Toxicology” topic (scroll down). This Environmental Health listserv is e-mailed and includes all the environmental health news stories selected for MedlinePlus during the previous week, as well as new web resources added to topic pages related to environmental health. The news stories are from Reuters Health and HealthDay. MedlinePlus provides health information for patients, families and health care providers.


Occasional announcements about toxicology and environmental health databases, web resources and programs from the NLM Division of Specialized Information Services. These resources include TOXNET and other websites of special interest to toxicologists and researchers.

To sign up, go to and follow the instructions under "Join".

Last updated: August 2, 2007

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